Executive Education

School of Executive Education

The School of Executive Education is committed to delivering different pieces of training tailored to the specific needs and goals of an organization. Our courses are designed and maintained to provide the optimal building blocks for targeted training needs. In addition to tailored training courses, the School of Executive Education provides different courses under its continuous Education Unit. Based on the preference of our customers, training can be conducted in our Addis Ababa training facility, at the customers training facility and in our partners’ training center in Dubai, India, Singapore, South Africa, and Malaysia. Besides, by using state of the art e-learning technology and in Partnership with our reputed international training partners, training can be conducted in an online training format. Highly experienced Ethiopian and International trainers instruct our training courses

Banking and Insurance Academy

The Ethiopian financial sector is becoming increasingly competitive in the past few years. Moreover, with the new plan of the government to open the financial sectors, it is highly expected that the competition in the financial sector will get furious in the coming years.

By recognizing the gap in financial service training, Lunar International College has established the Banking and Insurance Academy under the school of executive education. The objective of the academy is to identify and meet the diverse training requirements of Ethiopian financial institutes. The academy is strategically positioned to conduct a state of the art banking and Insurance training in partnership with our internationally recognized training partners based in Dubai, South Africa, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. Some of the courses delivered in the school of executive education, academy of Banking and Insurance include


  • Liquidity Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Counterparty Risk & CVA
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Risk Modeling & Stress Testing
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk
  • Business Continuity & Contingency Planning
  • Reputational Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk Management & Hedging
  • Sovereign Risk


  • Internal Audit For Investment Banking
  • Internal Audit For Retail Banking
  • Internal Audit For Insurance Companies
  • Internal Audit For Derivative


  • Quantitative Finance
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Credit Default Swaps
  • Structuring & Financing Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Collateral Management


  • Managing Corporate Problem Loans
  • Developing & Selling Cash Management Products & Services
  • Debt Restructuring For Corporate Clients
  • Correspondent Banking


  • SME Banking
  • Maximizing Profitability In Retail Branch Networks
  • Customer Lifecycle Value Management
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Consumer Credit Risk
  • Customer Segmentation


  • Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Maximizing Your Skills and Effectiveness For Selling Financial Products & Services
  • Company Valuation and Financial Analysis
  • Funds Transfer Pricing
  • Debt Collection & Recovery
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Brand Management
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Customer Lifetime Value Management


  • Loans & Mortgage Processing
  • RMB Processing & Operations
  • Facilities Management For Financial Institutions
  • Operational Excellence & Restructuring
  • Business Process Management
  • IT Audit For Financial Institutions
  • IT Architecture For Financial Institutions
  • Business Continuity For Financial Institutions
  • Data Management For Financial Institutions
  • Biometrics For Financial Institutions


  • Commodities Investment & Portfolio
  • Infrastructure Investment Funds
  • Frontier Market Investment
  • Fund Distribution
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Fund Management Administration
  • Volatility Management


  • SME Insurance
  • Claims Processing
  • Life Actuary
  • Asset & Liability Management For Insurance
  • Life & Pensions Processing
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Supplier / Vendor Management In Insurance
  • Insurance Fraud & Compliance
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Management For Insurance
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Multi-Channel Distribution For Insurance


  • Tax Management & Accounting For Financial Institutions
  • Derivatives Accounting
  • International Financial Reporting Standard(IFRS)
  • Private Equity Tax Planning
  • IFRS4 & Solvency II


  • FinTech and the transformation in financial services
  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services
  • Digital competition in Financial Service
  • FinTech Risk Management
  • FinTech Marketing Strategy


  • Project Planning and Management- Beginners
  • Project Planning and Management- Advanced
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation with Software Application
  • Project Planning and Management Application Software (Ms Project)
  • Fundamentals of Contract Administration
  • Advanced Contract Administration