Research at LIC

Ethiopian Journal of Business Research (EJoBR)

Ethiopian Journal of Business Research (EJoBR) is a Lunar International college annual research Journal. The Journal publishes original research in areas of Marketing, Finance, and Business management.

Articles that make a significant contribution to the study of Marketing, Finance, and Business management within the context of Ethiopia are highly encouraged. Moreover, articles submitted for publication should be original research papers or reviews of articles. The Call for Papers will be announced once in a year in February or  March.

Research at Lunar International College(LIC)

LIC aspires to become the leading business school, research, and innovation center in East Africa by 2030 GC by providing quality educational service and conducting cutting edge research projects.

At LIC, we value the contribution of research for the betterment of our society; we also embrace it as opportunities for our students and staff to achieve their full potential.

Building and supporting an inclusive, diverse, and open research community is essential to us, and we encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary initiatives among both our staff and students.