Conference Proceedings

The Effect of Index-based Livestock Insurance on Pastoralists’ Saving Behavior Empirical Evidence from Borena Zone, EthiopiaAbstract Because of climate change, agriculture in developing countries has become a riskier business. When …2023/01/26Download
The Asymmetric Effect of Trade Openness on Output Volatility Evidence from EthiopiaAbstract A better understanding of the effect of openness on volatility can lead to more …2023/01/26Download
Determinants of Use and Acceptance of Bank Loan for Entrepreneurial Small Business Development in Bedele Town Using UTAUT ModelAbstract Financial constraint is a big obstacle to the development of small businesses in developing …2023/01/26Download
Determinants of Firms’ Access to Formal Credit and Intensity of Loan in EthiopiaAbstract Access to credit is an important component of business growth and survival, particularly in …2023/01/26Download
Career Choices and Associated Factors among Public University Undergraduate Regular StudentsAbstract The main purpose of the study was to investigate career choice and associated factors …2023/01/26Download
Analysis of Wood Furniture Value Chain in Southwest EthiopiaAbstract Forest is a paramount source of wood which is primarily used for energy and …2023/01/26Download