Message from the president


Dr. Tariku Atomsa (Associate Professor)

Welcome to Lunar International College

Three years have elapsed since the establishment of Lunar International College (LIC). As it is known, Lunar International College (LIC) was founded in 2019 by a group of Ethiopian academicians and entrepreneurs who have more than 15 years of experience in teaching and in establishing and managing different successful enterprises in Ethiopia and abroad.

LIC, as a higher educational institution, provides both undergraduate and graduate programs in business and economics. The intent of the founders of this College emanates from having a passion of realizing quality education in Ethiopia and beyond.

LIC is also committed in supporting its students either in starting their own business or finding jobs after graduation. For the purpose, LIC signed a memorandum of understanding with several business organizations to facilitate the employment of its graduates and also instituted “Centre for Business Innovation and Incubation” to support graduates who are interested in starting their own business. In this regard, LIC had organized a workshop on “Business Plan Competition” among lunar students and three of the winners were rewarded. For realizing the business plans, LIC has allocated a starting capital of 500,000 Birr for each project. The projects will start operation soon.

Regarding its educational program, the management of LIC has finalized its preparation to open its second campus at Megengna area to offer three undergraduate and four graduate programs. A Curriculum Validation Workshop had been organized and constructive comments were obtained from the participants. Subsequently, after consolidating the comments obtained, the curriculum has been submitted for accreditation.

LIC has also established a Research Journal Editorial Board to launch its journal known as “LIC Journal of Business and Economics”. Moreover, we are in the process of organizing an international research conference in the first week of June 2022 in collaboration with our partners. For the purpose, there will be an invitation for “Call for Papers” At LIC, we also organize seminars, public lectures and panel discussions. We are planning to have a panel discussion on April 30, 2022 on a theme “The Challenges and Prospects of the Ethiopian Tourism Industry amid COVID 19 Pandemic” We think and believe that these and other activities can be indicative of growth prospects of LIC. Furthermore, the management of LIC has initiated collaboration programs with accredited Higher Educational Institutions both locally and globally. In 2021, LIC signed an MOU with the Business School of Rhodes University, South Africa. Accordingly, Professor Noel J. Pearse will fly to Ethiopia and give training to LIC staff on different topics. Moreover, we LIC is in the process of signing an MOU with the University of Nairobi (UON). By signing collaborative agreements, we will launch cross-border educational programs at masters and doctoral levels. We have also initiated a collaboration program with Kotebe Education University and we are optimistic to sign an MOU soon.

The ultimate purpose of all these and other activities are to enhance the quality and relevance of education in Ethiopia. Accordingly, we at LIC envision to develop relevant curriculum, to strengthen staff profile, set up and implement academic code of conduct, enhance teaching facilities, enroll students who want to learn to gain knowledge and skills but not who want to get only papers, provide all round support to our students and encourage them to work hard, engage in research, publication and community services, forge a genuine, trustworthy and lasting partnership with similar institutions, government and private organizations, CSOs/NGOs and other interested organizations.

Moreover, we are committed to supporting the vulnerable and destitute children and adults in collaboration with our partners and staff. Pertaining to community services, LIC has started a feeding program for almost 100 elderly people who are in need in collaboration with Mary Joy Ethiopia. LIC has also finalized plans to offer training to women entrepreneurs, young people who want to establish micro and small enterprises in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Skills, Job Creation Commission, etc.

Last but not least, I want to particularly emphasize the roles of our teaching staff. Unless our academic staff–lecturers and thesis supervisors are committed to discharge their duties by being ethical, disciplined and responsible citizens, we cannot achieve our vision as a nation. We have to advance our knowledge, skills and attitudes continuously and impart properly to our students as much as possible. On the management side of LIC, I want to express our commitment to work in a collaborative spirit and teamwork with our associates to attain quality and relevant education that contribute towards national development.

Dear lunar community, partners and collaborators, this vibrant institution is growing and expanding to realize its ultimate vision of becoming a leading business school, research and innovation center in East Africa by 2030 G.C. Finally, I encourage you to visit our campus and learn more about the opportunities available to you at Lunar International College. 

“Success of our students measures our success” 


Dr. Tariku Atomsa (Associate Professor)


Dr. Tariku Atomsa (Associate Professor)