Grand opening (Inaugural) Ceremony at Megenagna Campus


Lunar International College has held a grand opening (Inaugural) Ceremony at Megenagna Campus on Sunday, May 22/2022. The campus has recently been accredited to offer Three Postgraduate and Three Undergraduate Programs at Megenagna Campus from the FDRE Education and Training Authority (ETA).

During the Inauguration ceremony the president of the college, Dr. Tariku Atomsa (Associate Professor) has gratefully thanked everyone, the Academic staff, support staff, and other stakeholders, who have exerted their utmost efforts towards the achievement of the Accreditation. Moreover, the president has dully forwarded the pledge that the college will further strive to excel on the three pillars of higher institutions, quality education, research and community services.

Furthermore, Ato Anteneh (assistant professor), a board chairman, delivered a keynote speech during the ceremony. Ato Anteneh underlined that, along with thanking all involved in the accreditation process, the college has established itself as one of the finest higher education institutions in the country in this short time and has undoubtedly set the bar high. And with this expectation from the public, maintaining this momentum and effort and upgrading the quality of the services will be critical in the coming years.

Following the Ceremony, the Campus has started registration for the following Postgraduate and undergraduate programs:

Postgraduate Programs

  • Masters of Business Administration
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance
  • MSc in Development Economics

Undergraduate Programs

  • BA in Business Management
  • BA in Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Marketing Management

The Success of Our Students Measures Our Success!

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