On September 17, 2022, the 1st round presentation of the 2nd Students’ Annual Business Plan Competition took place at our Megenagna Campus.

The Lunar International College Business Plan Competition prepares students to start a new business by developing a thorough written business plan for a new product or service.

By participating in the competition, students will gain experience through:

👉👉Identifying business opportunities, developing a business model and writing a formal business plan

👉👉 Performing market research and feasibility analysis

👉👉Developing communication and organizational skills

👉👉Working individually or as part of a team

Today seven students have presented their business plan and five of them were short listed for the final contest.

Today’s presenters

1. Samuel Alemu
2. Birhanu Asfaw
3.Kalkidan Solomon & Bilen Hailu
4.Ataklti Berhane
5. Firaol Kebede
6.Hilina Getachew

7. Menelik Wondwossen
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